Dental and macro photography

The devil in the details

  • Szabi Hant

    Inventor-entrepreneur, dental ceramist and photo enthusiast.

    The founder of has used his 20 plus years of experience to develop a system of advanced accessories, that have helped him and many others over the years to take photographs where clear details count more than anything.

    Dental ceramics is one of those professions where miniature details make a big difference for the customer. No wonder that Szabi's motto is "The devil is in the details".

  • on a mission

    We, at aim at developing products and systems that best serve its users.

    Intra.Photo products not only enhance tiny details to perfection, but also possess features that maximise ease of use, ergonomics, and functionality. In addition to that, a range of product variations are developed to match all major photo camera brands used by dental professionals and macro photography enthusiasts.


Quinn Vu on Nov 13, 2022

No more copy paper and sticky tape all over my camera. Its so easy to set up but more importantly, takes my dental photography to another level! Thanks Szabi!


Arman Ameri on Feb 03, 2023

Probably best diffuser out there for dental application. Easy to mount and remove, doesn't get in the way and produces high quality photos with ease. Couldn't be happier!


Tommaso on Feb 14, 2024

A must have! I’ve tried all sort of light modifiers and this one is definitely the best ever. It’s light, well designed and provides excellent light diffusion. Well done Szabi!


Best All-in-1 Photography Kit in the dental field! Sergio Polisi on Jan 05, 2024

It was love at first sight.
Quick to set up, you can find your standard lighting setup in seconds. No matter whether you are shooting on a plaster cast or intra-orally. You will always get a great result!

Also very useful is the polarised kit, perfect for seeing details in reflected light.

Recommended for all dental enthusiasts, experienced or not!

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